Caviar Wishes And Retirement Dreams

Why is it so important that you work on your mental game starting now? Time.

If you are seriously starting to think about retirement, you have probably been on this planet of ours for fifty years or better. That’s fifty years of finding yourself, fifty years of building a life, fifty years of dreaming about what you will do when (fill in the blank).

Now you are staring the reality of retirement in the face and you are carrying with you the dream of what you will do when you retire. As the saying goes, soon you will be at the place where the rubber meets the road.

Attitude is everything when it comes to designing a satisfying retirement, and that attitude starts with your expectations. If you have always dreamed of retiring to twenty years of eating caviar and traveling to exotic destinations, there is a slight chance that your reality won’t meet your expectations.

Of course I exaggerate, but the truth is that it doesn’t take a miscalculation of that size to have a significant impact on your level of happiness. You might be thinking that your retirement dreams are just those – dreams. They don’t mean anything. Great! Glad to hear it. Now – what are you actual retirement plans?

If you have not yet begun the process of actually sitting down and planning out what your retirement is going to look like, and the evidence says you have not, then the only model your brain has is that dream.

And it’s been working on it for years.

Research shows that your brain can’t tell the difference between emotional reactions to real situations and imaginary ones. That’s why you cry at movies (yes you do – don’t deny it).

So there you are with a happy dream that “means nothing” but has been percolating in your brain for years, and no actual plan. If you continue on that way, what do you think your reaction is going to be when you retire and see a vacation package to a white sand beach in Tahiti?

Times up. It’s disappointment and dissatisfaction.

You can change that. You can start now to build a plan for a retirement that you can actually build. One that will be satisfying in its own right and has the benefit of being achievable. You can begin to infuse it with anticipation. In time it will become the thing that you will see in your mind’s eye when you think of a happy retirement instead of that fantasy you likely will never have.

By all means, have your dreams. Life can be dull without them. But work a bit on reality too, because that is where your happiness will lie.

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