Living In Paradise

One of the things that many people dream of doing when they retire is traveling. Seeing the parts of the country or the world that they never got a chance to see due to various commitments.

But the reality is that doing a lot of traveling can be very expensive. If you haven’t been able to build that massive nest egg, finding the money to see the world the way you wanted to can seem like an impossible dream. After all paying for getting there is one thing, and isn’t getting any cheaper, but paying for meals out and finding affordable places to stay can be very difficult. The fact is that you are paying for two places whenever you stay somewhere that isn’t your home, since those bills don’t just take time off while you are gone.

There is another choice that you may not have considered, one that allows you to visit exotic locales that can fit in your budget. Cosider retiring in another country.

Now there are many reasons why that might not seem to be an option for you, and you will need to sort through them. But if one of your primary reasons is thinking that you can’t afford it, think again. The fact is that in many places you can live a much better lifestlyle on your retirement income. Face it, the cost of living is high and is likely to go higher.

Whether you dream of visiting tropical locales, living near a beach or in the mountains, there are places in the world where you can afford to live. If you choose carefully, you will not only be able to live a lifestyle you would not have thought possible on your meager savings, but can do so with better access to the types of services that only get more expensive as you age. Remaining healthy as we get older is a major concern for many people nearing retirement. It is the one cost of living that is difficult to plan for and that increases with age. There are many places where healthcare is considered a basic right, and where retirees are welcomed with open arms.

While it may not be your absolute dream if you really did dream of travelling the world. But it can be close. There are exotic places in the world where being close to the tropics, the beach and the mountains are possible. There are smallish countries with different climates depending on location and elevation that allow access to other cultures while also hosting vibrant expat communities.

And many of the countries not only allow, but actively encourage retirees from other parts of the world to become legal residents.

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