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The more I spend time with the ins and outs of retirement planning, the more I run up against choices we are making as a society that will affect retirees along as everybody else. I find myself compelled to find a place to write about them.

Since I want, as much as possible to not let my political leanings impact the information and opinions I share on the main Think!Retired blog, I found myself in a quandary. Where can I put my thoughts on subjects as varied as health care, inequality and other largely economic issues that are necessarily political?

I really didn’t want those opinions mixed in with the other content on the main blog, because it might tend to prejudice against that content. In this day, even sensible opinions that should have bipartisan appeal can raise the ire of party affiliates of either side. Even though those opinions will be largely based on economical and not moral grounds, devaluing the main content was not a risk I cared to run.

My solution was to add a new blog to the site, and brand it so that it was obvious that it was not the main site. In this way I should be able to share opinions on subjects that will affect retirement outcomes without affecting toics that are more universal and less subject to the winds of change.

These article will be posted at an irregular interval whenever the mood strikes.

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